An interview with trend consultant, Sally Angharad

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Developing design ideas...

Do you have any advice for those hoping to pursue careers in the design industry? 

Experience is key. Be open to trying a few different pathways to find the right fit for you. I originally thought I wanted to be an interior designer but as soon as I began a degree where I was immersed in developing design ideas for surfaces I found my love of color exploration and soon realized that I had a huge passion for research. I gained experience in the interior design world, which was invaluable and led me to discovering the world of trends. It was a work placement at Global Color Research that got my first step on my creative career where I was offered a junior position as an image researcher for the trend team.
Is there anyone or anything that particularly inspires or influences your work?

Psychology of design is a major influencer for me. It drives me to look beyond aesthetics and delve into the stories and reasons behind our environments and the things we own. Whether exploring the psychology of color or consumers’ buying behaviors I find it utterly fascinating that we can build relationships with the inanimate.

How do you identify which colors and trends will be influential?

Research, research, research. From visiting exhibitions to listening to podcasts, revisiting past trends to watching the news, the list is endless. It’s particularly important to revisit past trends and work out what was successful and the areas that perhaps have been left behind. Trends are not static and as they continue on their journey we add to them and shape them for what we believe consumers will need and want tomorrow. Color goes hand in hand with this research and this is often where the psychology of color comes into its own; the way colors can make us feel and what they can signify across the world undoubtedly impacts our use of it.

Trends can cross-pollinate

Finally, what is your favorite trend of 2019?

From the Global Trend Directions 2019/20 it’s hard to pick one single trend as they work so well together, proving how trends can cross-pollinate and adapt. Moving forward with an open mind is central to the forecast and it couldn’t be better timed with the state of current affairs across the world. If I had to choose one trend from the forecast that resonates with me the most it is Be One (pictured opposite). The humanity and emotional influence of this story is so inspiring and helps to encourage a world where we can embrace modern technology while not forgetting the beauty of the simple things in life.
You can order your copy of Why not...: Global Trend Directions 2019/20 by Camira here.