249 Customer Hub

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A relaxed environment

Using wood wherever possible, incorporating a natural color palette and installing an incredibly impactful large-scale digital image of a ‘living wall’, are all ways in which she successfully delivered an environment which both welcomes and comforts its residents. As she explains, "This is about bringing nature into the interior. It is proven that if you are outdoors then it raises your serotonin levels, making you happier and more relaxed, so if you can do that to the inside of a building then that can be beneficial."

Her choice of Camira’s Main Line Flax perfectly complements this biophilic design; the inherently flame retardant fabric is created using wild flax – used in textiles for thousands of years thanks to the strong, long and smooth fibers found inside the stem of the plant, the fiber is spun into a 70-30 wool flax blend, then fiber dyed to create beautiful mixture yarns which are woven into interesting solids and cross-colors, Lesley’s enthusiasm for the sustainable fabric is infectious: "I think Main Line Flax is lovely and has a beautiful range of colors which I have used it on numerous projects I’ve worked on this year!"

A homely space

Alongside the refurbishment of the Customer Hub, Lesley has included Main Line Flax throughout the interior furnishings used in her redesign of Mortonhall Crematorium. With a budget of £2.1 million, the project was certainly not a small feat and a key element was to transform the family room – a place where the bereaved experience many incredibly emotional moments - from a clinical office environment into a comforting, homely space.

To achieve this, Lesley introduced a palette of natural materials and hues, punctuated by a number of brighter rainbow colors. As she explains, this combination "helped to create a calming, nurturing and holistic environment" and, with Main Line Flax available in a range of colors inspired by the rich tones of rare jewels, Camira was able to deliver the shades which perfectly matched her vision for the space.