A creative hub for fabric design


Our Digital Design team is a creative hub of talented textile designers who specialize in print, weave, color and pattern.


Their mission is to work collaboratively with you as an industry Editeur to bring your own designs to life on fabric, using the latest digital print technology. 


This has been optimized for natural fiber fabrics, meaning we can add digital design to luxurious printed wools, plush wool velours and the most environmental wool-bast fiber blends.

Sonia Daubrey 1
Custom print designed by Sonia Daubry for L'atelier

Collaborative process


We work across segments and applications united by a common goal – to create designs which can inspire and patterns with curb appeal, be it in high-end residential, boutique hotels, or social spaces in the corporate workplace. 


If you’re an Editeur with your own collections, we can work in tandem with you, bringing a new dimension to your bespoke textile portfolio. 


If you’re an interior designer or architect working with an end-user client, we can help you create something totally unique and stand-out for your project.


Or if you’re a hotel design professional, we can localize and personalize your public spaces and guestrooms with a nod or a shout to city skylines or distinctive landmarks.

Work Room 8
Our specialist design team work with you to bring your ideas in to reality.

We create collections for upholstery, designs for curtains and drapery, fabric as focal wall art and murals, or soft furnishing accessories such as scatter cushions and throws.


Give us your design to interpret or supply us your print-ready finished design or set us a design challenge! 


From initial design, to sampling, to production, it’s a straightforward process, with our experts in print and weave helping every step of the way, bringing new creative opportunities and providing new levels of statement luxury.

3 easy steps

Our woven base fabrics


With outstanding technical performance and an unrivaled environmental profile, our base fabrics are available in carefully curated wool and wool-bast fiber blends in a range of woven constructions and textures.


From luxurious wool felt to premium worsted wool, textured wool bouclé to wool blends using hemp and flax. It is possible to choose from undyed ecru or a selection of pre-dyed bases to suit your design. We can also provide wool velour and wire woven moquettes which give further options for hospitality and leisure.


In all cases, the print dyewares not only bond to the natural materials but actually penetrate and are absorbed into the fiber itself, ensuring not only depth and vibrancy of color, but long-lasting wearability and permanence.

Basecloth Landscape

Environmentally friendly


The digital print process itself is an environmentally friendly option for adding color to a fabric which typically involves lower water, energy and chemical consumption compared to traditional dyeing.


In addition, due to the personalized, smaller batch production, there is the added benefit of reduced waste thanks to no over-production. 


We use acid dyes on wool based fabrics, with a low pH value which helps the dyestuff to bond to the protein fibre.


Our printed fabrics comply with various international standards and ecological requirements, including EU Ecolabel, Indoor Advantage Gold, PFAS free, APEO free and Proposition 65.

PM Cushions

Key benefits of our digital print service:


  • Short lead times – rapid turnaround on prints, ex-stock availability on complementary weaves
  • Low minimum order quantities – meaning lower stock holdings and improved flexibility
  • Direct to fabric printing – meaning no investment in screens and all files stored digitally
  • Environmental inks – AZO-free and REACH certified
  • High technical performance – engineered for abrasion, colorfastness and flammability 
  • Multi-application – upholstery, drape, accessories, murals
  • In-house design team – experienced colorists, print specialists and woven textile designers