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Camira Knit

To The Bone, Berlin

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"We created new worlds in familiar terrain."

Bravely opting for a green, yellow and red colour scheme, the use of these bold hues was carefully considered by Anew throughout the space to ensure they work in harmony rather than in opposition to one another.

As Yasmine explains, "Greens from the sea and the forests complement each other surprisingly well, while the dusky pink of Regent in Winter Gardens on the seating goes perfectly with the aromatic meat on the plates. In using consistent colours, thoughtful arrangements of modern art and cool brass elements, we created new worlds in familiar terrain. Indeed, the passage area - previously winding and gloomy - has turned into the most popular part of the restaurant. With its opulent pink and yellow corner seating complemented by strict columns of light, buttery yellow travertine stone, and theatrical red curtains in Regent in Drury Lane, it's incredibly cozy and offers possibly the best lookout point in the space." 

The heart and soul of To The Bone was retained in the redesign, but the restaurant was opened up to become both spacious and inviting.

Moving walls, creating new floors, mixing exciting colours and building imposing light installations, Yasmine and her team worked hard to increase accessibility and space within the restaurant, whilst retaining the soul of the dining and cocktail bar. Succeeding in creating 25 new seats, and an interior that is just as appealing in the day as it is in the evening, the incredible food served at To The Bone is now able to be enjoyed by Berlin's gourmet crowd for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

"You can fall into the velvet upholstery; Regent immediately makes you feel at home"

Choosing Regent in Winter Gardens and Drury Lane for both the curtains and seating in the restaurant, Yasmine, who runs her studio with a holistic full service approach, explains why she opted for this matte velvet, "Regent immediately gives you the feeling that you are at home. You can fall into the velvet upholstery and let the fabric tickle your skin. But it's not just about the look and feel, the durability, quality and practicality of materials is also of paramount importance - and Regent offers all of these; it is bleach cleanable and you can even remove a deep red Barolo stain from it; it is a very forgiving textile."
Creating a restaurant that is edgy and opulent, with a dash of Rome and New York, and suffused with the uniqueness of Berlin, Yasmine and her team have designed a space that delights all the senses, at any time of day.