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The design studio brims with ideas and inspiration. It's where the magic materialises. Where killer concepts are made real and stop people dead in their tracks. It's visual, tactile, immersive and infectious. A great place to work, a fun place to collaborate in, an enjoyment just to visit.

The studio celebrates the depth and breadth of textile talent - a home for yarn gurus, woven and knitted fabric design specialists, trend and colour consultants, textile technologists and technical wizards. As well as innovating our own product portfolio, pioneering new sustainable materials and technologies, this expertise is there to be exploited, pushed, even challenged. It's for you to tap into when you need to go outside the standards in our collection to create something which is highly bespoke and made just for you:

New colourways in existing fabrics - our blues might not be to your perfect hue, so we can match to your chosen Pantone, RAL or NCS reference. Minimums will vary depending on whether the fabric is piece-dyed or colour woven.

New designs in existing qualities - we take a proven base fabric and add some extra design razzamatazz, all to make interior schemes meet the design vision. Making interiors memorable.

New designs, new colours, new qualities - this is ground-breaking stuff, so we'll tend to be the guinea pigs, before we unleash these new originations to fuel imagination and inspiration.