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We design and manufacture fabrics that bring transport interiors to life. On buses, coaches, trains and trams. Making seats comfortable, colourful, durable and safe.

We approach fabric design like a journey, with a clear destination in mind. So from the initial design brief through to finished fabric, we're here to work with you to create beautifully designed, carefully considered and perfectly constructed textiles.

Our in-house Design Studio is enhanced by unrivalled manufacturing experience and unique capabilities, across specific loom types to cater for the widest possible array of woven design options. The totality is enhanced by a curated collection of high performance leather, vinyls and ancillary trims.

A design journey. Made by Camira.

Transport made beautiful

Our Design Studio is brimming with textile talent - textile designers, colourists and technical experts - who not only understand the intricacies of fabric design and construction, but are immersed in the latest trends in colour, pattern and material textures and finishes. 

We draw inspiration and design direction from transport and contract interiors, fashion, technology and contemporary society.

We work in partnership with design houses and bus, coach and rail operators to translate a design vision into material reality.

We create something special which marries your brand identity with technical performance and durability.

Our design approach

We work consultatively and collaboratively to help make the whole design process as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. Whether you're a textile novice or a design professional, we'll give you our total support and put all pur textile genius at your disposal. 

Our capabilities and construction

With an incredible range of capabilities, we can create the perfect interior for your vehicle. Here's a quick guide to the different constructions we provide:

Plush - In plush fabrics, the yarn threads stand upright from the ground structure of the fabric, with the individual ends cut at an even height to create a completely levelled surface finish. 

Wire woven - Woven on a wire jacquard loom, wire woven fabrics take their name from the metal wires which are inserted during the weaving process between the raised pile threads and the fabric ground to form loops of pile above the foundation. 

Flat woven - Characterised by their flat, two-dimensional surface, flat-woven fabrics are created by interlacing warp and weft yarns which construct a fabric where the yarns lie flat rather than upright. 

Leather & vinyl - An alternative upholstery option, leather and vinyl can be used alone or in combination with woven fabrics to create accent areas on side panels, bolsters, headrests or piping. 

How it works

  • Send us your brief or meet us to discuss your design idea, challenge or vision.
  • Be inspired by our carefully curated material selections - we can advise on fabric construction, colour and technical performance requirements.
  • Go from life-like CAD simulations, generated using the latest design software and interior visualisation techniques, to small run production samples.
  • Agree pricing, minimum order requirements and leadtimes.
To get started, get in touch with our team on [email protected]