Camira releases first sustainability report, Making a Material Difference

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Sustainability is something that we talk about a lot here at Camira - whether it's the products we make, the materials we use or the processes we implement, we often refer to their environmental credentials and benefits. 

However, being a sustainable company is bigger than words, it's all about actions - and that is why we are happy to share our first ever sustainability report, Making a Material Difference.

Bringing our diverse environmental actions together in one place and featuring some of our key impacts in terms of CO2 footprinting and waste, this report details the tangible achievements we have made so far and what we hope to achieve in the future.

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We have been working on environmental sustainability advancement for over a generation.

Some key achievements in our sustainability journey include:
  • We were a very early adopter of the environmental management system ISO 14001 in 1996;
  • We introduced our first recycled wool and polyester fabrics in the late 1990s;
  • We launched a climate neutral fabric as long ago as 2006;
  • We innovated in the late 2000s a totally new category of natural wool fabrics blended with plant-based “bast” fibres from the stems of harvested plants;
  • We achieved zero to landfill in the 2010s at our largest manufacturing site;
  • We embraced diverse CSR programmes to support Whales and Dolphins and clean water sanitation programmes.
To read our complete sustainability timeline, click here.

"The report shares some of our stories, showing sustainability in action and how together we are making a material difference".

Ian Burn, Director of Marketing & Sustainability

Future focus – where next?

There’s always more work to be done, and Making a Material Difference details not just what we have achieved, but also the goals we have set in place as we keep striving to improve and innovate. We’re in the so-called decade of action as we face into the Race to Zero, so the climate emergency is a key focus, alongside product and process initiatives to make us the natural choice for fabric and textile solutions globally.

To learn more about our future focus, click here.