Acoustic Fabrics

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Why do we need acoustic fabrics?

As with light, when sounds hits a surface, part of its energy is absorbed and part is reflected back into the room. So, just as we may install a blind in front of a window to control its brightness, similarly, acoustic solutions are necessary to effectively manage sound and the effect it has upon noise and echo within an interior as it bounces off hard, reflective surfaces. 

Acoustic solutions take various forms – wall divider screens, hanging panels for ceilings, acoustic bricks – all of which can be incredibly effective in absorbing sound. However, the fabric these solutions are covered in must be conducive to its purpose; if they don’t possess the necessary acoustic properties, they may reflect the sound back into the room before the panel behind has the chance to do its job.

What is an acoustic fabric?

An acoustic fabric allows sound waves to pass through without any interference, neither reflecting or absorbing. In effect, it is transparent – with the most highly transparent acoustic fabrics being used for loudspeaker coverings as a result of the minimal impact they have upon the sound that is being transmitted.

To demonstrate the extent to which a fabric posesses acoustic properties, it is tested under ISO 10534 Part 2 - this test measures the sound absorption of a fabric when it is applied to a 10cm thick sound absorbing foam. The results are then compared to the absorption of the foam in isolation, therefore demonstrating how well the fabric will complement the performance of an acoustic panel.

The data will illustrate that the sound passes through a transparent fabric and is absorbed by the foam, or that it is partially absorbed by the fabric before passing through to the foam.

Our acoustic fabrics

All the Camira textiles below can be specified as being acoustically transparent for use in conjunction with an acoustic panel, and have been tested to the relevant flammability standards in both Europe and North America.

Learn more about acoustic fabrics - how they work and how they are tested - in our technical brochure, available to download here.