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Corrosion is an exciting collaboration between Camira and luxury print designer Torunn Myklebust. Printed onto our wool blend fabric, Synergy, the rusting surface of Corrosion is broken up with geometric triangles, exploring the mix of negative space, rust and hard cut shapes. Corrosion has two designs, one is printed onto five carefully selected shades and the alternative design is available on one Synergy base, co-ordinating beautifully with the Synergy range, whilst still maintaining the high performance required for soft seating.


Features & Uses

  • Task Seating
    ProductIcons.WithoutTreeatmeants.Uses.TaskSeating Task Seating
  • Soft Seating
    ProductIcons.WithoutTreeatmeants.Uses.SoftSeating Soft Seating
  • Cigarette & Match
    ProductIcons.WithoutTreeatmeants.Features.Cigarette_Match Cigarette & Match
  • 5 Year guarantee
    ProductIcons.WithoutTreeatmeants.Guarantee.5Year 5 Year guarantee

With Treatment

    • Medium Hazard
      (with treatment)
      ProductIcons.WithTreatmeants.Hazard.MediumHazardWithTreatment Medium Hazard
      (with treatment)