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Quest - a SEAQUAL fabric, created with a conscience

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Shades of the ocean  

Capturing the depth and breadth of the seasonal shorescape, each of the 27 colourways has been as carefully considered as an artist’s paint stroke. From the sparkling blue of a summer’s sea and fresh green of springtime flora to the golden ochre of an autumn sun’s rays and cold grey of a winter’s beachside cliff, the Quest shade selection is filled with evocative, authentic colour. 

Artwork by Maggie Cochran

Contemporary landscape painter Maggie Cochran specialises in coastal art, celebrating its raw beauty in paintings which evoke the unique feeling of being where sea meets land - herself a supporter of ocean protection, she donates a portion of artwork sales to Sea-Changers, a marine conservation charity. 

Inspired by Quest, Maggie created a custom piece of art which pays homage to the fabric’s palette - capturing its redolent, authentic colour on canvas. 



Taking back to give back

Contributing to reducing marine plastic pollution in a tangible way, each metre of Quest contains the equivalent of 23 plastic bottles. To further assist in the fight against plastic waste, we make a give-back donation directly to the SEAQUAL Initiative for every metre of SEAQUAL fabric sold to support their work in cleaning our oceans.

The SEAQUAL Collection

Quest joins Oceanic - our inaugural multi-award winning SEAQUAL fabric which launched in 2020 - and, together, these two textiles form the SEAQUAL Collection. Woven entirely from post-consumer recycled plastic - from debris floating discarded in our seas, used to make SEAQUAL yarn, to bottles thrown away and destined for landfill – Oceanic and Quest are polyesters with a purpose.

United in aim, distinct in identity, these two textiles are unique in their aesthetic – created to work in harmony, or feature in splendid isolation. With a combined colour palette which encompasses bold brights, muted modern tones and perfect pastels, there is a shade and style for every interior within the SEAQUAL Collection of textiles.