Our Expertise

We're all good at something. At Camira we excel in textile design and we're experts in colour. And we have an unrivalled breadth of manufacturing competencies going from yarn to fabric - knitted, woven, cut and sewn. We love what we do, creating interior experiences through textiles. And we like to share our expertise through continuing education and learning.

More than a run-of-the-mill fabric company 

Because we’re flexible, we’ve made it our business to offer a range of modern, multi-faceted services and capabilities. That way we can appeal to interior specifiers, end-user clients, furniture designers and manufacturers.

Design Studio

Our design studio is full of textile talent - textile designers, colourists and technical specialists - who create the fabrics in our product catalogues. Where projects require custom fabrics to fit specific corporate identity schemes or technical requirements, we can create new colourways or bespoke designs, with realistic minimum order quantities.
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Camira Knit

The perfect complement to our weaving expertise, this element of our advanced technological capabilities is one of our most groundbreaking innovations.

Bringing the craft of precision engineering to fabric solutions, and epitomising the concept of bespoke design, each Camira Knit is made to perfectly fit the exact curves and contours of an individual product - delivering a zero-waste textile component which can be applied with exceptional ease of upholstery.

So, whether you’re a product designer with the grain of an idea, or a manufacturer with an existing chair frame, we can create the aesthetics, tension and texture that transforms furniture into a work of art - and delivers on comfort, form and function. 

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Fabric Treatments

There is a myriad of different fabric add-ons which can enhance performance to make fabric work even harder. Some of the most popular treatments provide added stain repellency, anti-microbial properties or enhanced flame retardancy. Some of our fabrics come with all these as standard, and we're happy to advise what you might need for your specific application.
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Design and Construction

We're quite unique in being able to design and manufacture the full array of fabric material types which are used in mass passenger transport on bus, coach and rail: face to face plush moquette, wire woven moquette, or flat-weave fabrics, as well as luxury leather and vinyl. We cover all material applications, including seating, curtains and ancillary trims.
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Upholstery services

We don't just design and manufacture fabrics - we do great things with them to turn them into fully finished component parts for furniture. We provide a range of upholstery services, from cutting fabrics to a specific size and shape, to sewing them into finished covers complete with integral zips and attachments. It's all part of providing you with extra capacity or helping you outsource your upholstery process.
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Education & Learning

We tend to take textiles for granted as they're such a fundamental part of our everyday lives. Delve a bit deeper and it's clear that there's a lot of valuable information about textiles which we're very keen to share to help furniture professionals and specifiers to become more textile savvy. Technical performance, trends, sustainability and eco-labelling are just some of the topics we can cover.
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