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An innovative concept

An innovative concept, each ShrinKnit fabric or mesh is knitted to a larger dimension than a chair's frame. Once manufactured, it is free from tension and can be upholstered with incredible ease as a result of this give – able to be applied by staples, Kadar strips or zips. 
Following its application, the knitted fabric is shrunk by radiant heat, hand upholstery steamer, or an oven – creating the reduction in size which provides the perfect tension, and perfect fit. The heat must be between 100C and 115C and applied for just 10 – 12 seconds, creating chairs which are ergonomically superior and aesthetically striking in minimal time. 
For mass produced chairs featuring ShrinKnit, we are able to work in conjunction with thermal engineers to build bespoke heating equipment which provide commercial level processing.

Waste-free manufacturing

Epitomising the concept of waste-free design, each ShrinKnit fabric or mesh is created to exact measurements – ensuring that there are no selvedge or fabric remnants created during its production. Manufactured using just two basic inputs – yarn and electricity – this environmentally friendly technology is not only cost-effective, it is kind to the earth. And, because ShrinKnit covers are crafted for easy application, they are able to be removed just as quickly, and can be recycled to provide a longer lifespan than traditional upholstery options.

All ShrinKnit meshes are available in 100% polyester and 100% post-consumer recycled polyester, including SEAQUAL yarn - a recyled polyester which contains marine plastic waste. 

Flexible design, exacting measurements

Ideal for use in task seating, the ergonomic support provided by these types of chairs is of paramount importance - and the precise nature of ShrinKnit ensures that consistent defined tensioning can be created, so that a user’s comfort is never compromised. Bringing this high performance together with the intricate aesthetics of technical knitting, the possibilities held by ShrinKnit are limitless in both function, and design.
Learn more about ShrinKnit by contacting our Camira Knit team at [email protected]

Product pictured: Trinetic chair by Boss Design, featuring ShrinKnit